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A leak in a pipe can range anywhere from a small nuisance and quick repair to a major problem that could cause costly damage to your home. It is vital to have any pipe leaks quickly addressed by a plumber. Unfortunately, leaks aren’t always as easy to detect by homeowners as one may think. We don’t always see gushing water shooting from a pipe or a drip of water from the ceiling to indicate a leak. Many leaks give no obvious visual clues and can remain hidden for weeks or months before they are detected, especially in older homes. However, clues to lead to leaky pipes may include the following: wet spots on the carpet, patches of water on your lawn, high humidity levels in your home, high and increased water bills, and low water pressure in one area of your home.

We use a number of strategies to detect leaks in your water pipes. Not only do we have water detection technology that can sense water on a surface even when it appears dry to the naked eye, but we can quickly trace water pressure loss and find the area of pipeline where it has corroded or broken down.

We are able to scan the entire plumbing system in your home and find where the water pressure has dropped, where water is entering your home, and where a leak has occurred. Don’t worry if your pipes are hidden in your walls, we can determine if you need a repair or upgrade and costs associated with each. Whether your home has old cast iron, galvanized, copper, or plastic piping systems, Riteway plumbing can help. We pride ourselves in a leak detection system and look forward to fixing yours.