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Riteway Plumbing specializes in repair, service, and installation of all makes and models of gas, electric, and tankless water heaters. We understand the need for reliable hot water for daily comfort and sanitation, and the burden of having a non-operational system. Our goal is to examine, diagnose, replace/repair, and install your hot water heater efficiently. When you call us we will respond promptly to diagnose your situation and give you options for your hot water heater repair. If you need replacement we’ll consider your home and family needs and then recommend the best hot water heater replacement system for you.

There are multiple factors to consider with water heater repair or placement including the following:

  • Tank size: The most common water heater size for single family homes is 40 to 50 gallons. The bigger the tank, the greater the cost. There are also specialty sized tanks which will cost more than the 40-50 gallon tanks.
  • Fuel type: You can choose between gas and electric. Electric water heaters typically cost less to buy and often cheaper to install. However a gas water heater typically costs less to run. We will assist you in deciding on the best fuel type for your home.
  • Energy Factor: Energy factor (EF) determines a tankless water heater’s efficiency. Higher efficiency will cost more upfront but it also costs much less to run.
  • Length of manufacturer warranty: Having a longer warranty also costs more upfront but can give you peace of mind in your homeownership. Many customers find comfort in knowing that if there’s a problem with the product, the costs will be covered for repair.
  • Pulling permits and code upgrades: If required we will pull permits for an additional cost. We can also upgrade you to be up to code for an additional fee. With our exceptional service we’ll get your hot water heater installed and operational quickly.